Our service produces its own newsletter seperate to the school’s. This will come out every two weeks during the school term (i.e. not during Vacation Care). It contains lots of important and useful information so please take the time to read it! Newsletters are emailed to families at the same time as your account.


We provide healthy snack options for children during ASC and Vacation Care, as well as a daily fruit platter (our Menu has been reviewed by a nutritionist). If your child has any special dietary requirements we are happy to accommodate them by providing alternate options where possible. All you would need to do is advise us of their requirements and go through our menu book to mark off on recipes they can and cannot eat.


Below are some fact sheets from the Australian Department for Education outlining some of the FAQs about Child Care Benefit, other fee assistance, priority of access to places and so on.


Below we will upload documents we feel may be beneficial for families in informing them of matters concerning their health and wellbeing.

Our services follow strict policies to ensure children’s health and wellbeing is not at risk. This includes exclusion of children who have been afflicted with infectious illnesses, infestations or diseases. Different afflictions will have their own treatment methods and incubation periods before children can return to school and childcare. SA Health has a great resource database on a range of health and wellbeing topics.


The following documents contain care plans for children with additional needs. You may be required to fill out one or more of these documents upon enrolment. These documents will remain confidential and will assist us with providing the best possible care for your child.


Happy Haven is a South Australian owned and operated company offering a range of services. We are an Approved Provider with an expert team capable of running outstanding OSHC programs on school sites. We also offer a range amusements for hire, as well as accredited test and tagging of electrical items. Our focus is on ensuring value for money and satisfaction among our families and customers, as well as providing career pathways for our dedicated and professional team of staff.